Turning food justice into celebrations

Brand Design
Service Design

Contactless delivery became a necessity in 2020, and we realized how essential the drivers are who connect people to their communities. In America, many of these communities are made of people facing issues much greater than social distancing. In a time of racial reckoning, DoorDash knew it had to plant its flag on higher ground. This January, DoorDash challenged 7 teams to develop a campaign that could create an impact. Our team was awarded first place in this competition.

Instead of speaking about diversity, we wanted DoorDash to go directly to the communities in need and help in the best way they know how. Our solution focused on confronting very real, systemic barriers, while putting human connection first.

This project is currently being activated by DoorDash and The Martin Agency.
Please contact me to get the password to the full case study! ︎ Or take a not-so-wild guess!